"In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

Rabia Girls School

Rabia Girls School is a prosperous, energetic and hard working School, where pupils have a positive attitude to their work. The secure, supportive and caring environment in the school promotes a warm and friendly atmosphere,consequently providing a good learning environment.

At Rabia, each and every pupils is an important and valued individual within our school community. Therefore, all students have the opportunity to develop their academic and spiritual potential while enjoying their school life.

The school insist upon a well-ordered and disciplined environment in which all pupils are treated fairly, providing equal opportunity to all pupils. Hardworking teachers ensure that moral values are upheld and pupils benefit from positive teacher-pupil relationships.

Rabia Girls  School was established in 1996 to develop and educational ethos that projects the Islamic viewpoint and aims to revive Islamic values.

They key objective of the school is to teach each student the principles of Islam and provide academic education according to the National Curriculum.

The school aims to

  • Ensure each child’s entitlement to the National Curriculum is being met.
  • Promote confidence and a strong sense of personal worth.
  • Cater for all communities irrespective of ethnicity, culture and disability.
  • Ensure that learning is both demanding and enjoyable.
  • Foster in each child the understanding that every individual is a valued member of the society.
  • Teach each child to be well mannered not only to other fellow students but to staff, visitors and neighbors.
  • Help children develop personal moral values, respect for religious values and tolerance for other races and religions.
  • Teach each child to be honest and truthful.


  • Wudu Area
  • Playground
  • Library
  • Craft work Facilities
  • Masjid (Masjid Al-Madani)
  • ICT Suite
  • Science Lab

Achievements                                    Click to view Rabia School Prospectus2013

Within 6 years, Rabia Girls School attained outstanding GCSEs results putting the school amongst the best in Bedfordshire.

Graduates from the school went on to establish Doncasters 1st Islamic school, Jamia Sultania madrassah.

One of our students coninued to excel in her learning beyond Rabia receiving ijazah to teach Sahih Al Bukhari at age 19.


12-16 Portland Road
Luton, Bedfordshire


Tel: (01582) 493239
Fax: (01582) 515958

Email: admin@rabiaschool.co.uk